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****Something is Wrong with the shipping calculations of the Truffles!  I have removed the shipping cost from the item, and a flat $25 is being added automatically by the site.     >> I can and will adjust your payment to reflect actual shipping costs!!! This can be before you pay, if you contact me, or as a partial refund afterwards.  Please forgive any confusion this causes!

     *SPECIAL PROJECTS are creative side trips I'll take that are seasonal in nature, such as TRUFFLES, which only come about twice a year, for a limited time, or pincushions hand embroidered to become Ornaments, or they are of very limited availability, like the handful of French Jacquard weaving factory samples from the 1850s which I am framing a in order to make them available to you in a handsome display.  

    I will have announced them in social media, and I'll explain them extensively here.  Please feel welcome to ask me questions about these!!   

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