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    From the mid 1800's, woven in the center of France (likely St. Etiènne, the textile capitol of the time), this is a factory sample.  Colors for various parts of this Jacquard weave were being tested for effect, noted on hand-written cards attached to some.  Wool is the fiber used.  This sort of Tapestry-style border was likely meant for decorative edges of walls "papered" with silk, or possibly for bell pulls.

    On a background of dark purple modern velvet-like fabric, it is edged with fine, vintage, French lace, an early machine-made example, which I have hand stitched to the  tapestry.  I have left the bottom edge of the tapestry visible.  The simple wooden frame is a thrifted find.

Tapestry 4, Red, Framed

  • This tapestry measures 5" by 8 1/4" long, while the framed piece measures 9" by 11" tall.

  • Due to the fragile nature of this piece in its frame, with glass, I will calculate the wrapping and shipping separately, to be transacted independently from this purchase:   I will gladly discuss this with you   so you may have an idea of total cost prior to concluding this purchase. 

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