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   One more Holiday Season Show:  big one in Colorado Springs: The Holiday Food & Gift Festival, December 1, 2, & 3 !!!
 ***I do love meeting and talking to folks in Person!  Come check it out. 

    You can now Pre-Order your CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES for December Delivery!    Please contact me Directly to ensure accurate shipping charges.  *Remember, these are only available seasonally, made from my French grandmother's recipe.

    The Perfect Gift, new this season:  the SEWING KIT!  It includes 12 hand-picked items, including your choice of carrying pouch, handwoven and lined, folding scissors, a designed-by-me handmade pin keeper, and so much more!  Find these in Special Projects, choose your pouch and Voila!

   The change of seasons brings the anticipation of happy gatherings, so Table Runners are high on my wish list at the sewing machine., as well as Potholders, Pillows, Keepsake Cards, and more... 

  Look for website updates, or keep an eye on my social media for Sneak Peeks to see what's new...

Unique Gifts  
   Remember, in addition to the Holidays, Birthdays, Welcome New Babies,  Weddings, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and so many more occasions warrant a lovely, handmade gift, and a unique card to go with it! 

Hand-made gifts, antique textiles, hand-woven cotton, and more...

About Sabine's Home & Hearth

   Fascination with color and pattern has always been a vital part of me.  To this day, if it doesn't have doodling on it, it's probably not me!  

   The household, kitchen, and garden, the nest within which Family happens, these are my heart's home.  My inspirations and focus center on them.  Functionality matters highly to me:  being usable, washable, durable, as well as beautiful are requirements for every piece I make.


    The Frugality of using repurposed, thrifted, upcycled fabric, using scraps and tidbits of cloth and ribbon, using Vintage materials satisfies a need in me to honor the work and resources already invested in the previous making of these.  From cutting up old blue jeans still waiting to be patched to sorting through treasured button collections, from carefully removing antique hand-tatted lace from a handkerchief to winding silk velvet ribbons, the joy and nostalgia of these are important to me and make my inner child sigh.  


  Which doesn't mean I can resist the beautiful colors of an array of bolts of cloth, nor the allure of new ribbons at the fabric store...  I'm determined to only acquire what I can use; or is it find ways to use all that I acquire?  In any case, my library of possibilities keeps growing!  

   My mother and grandmother taught me the first basics of textile arts:  sewing (by hand and on a vintage Singer treadle machine), embroidery, knitting...  Nearly a quarter of a century in the company of a textile artist has taken this latent love, educated it in myriad ways, and encouraged it to bloom.  Being a Maker means loving the process of creating, Crafting.  And I am compelled to use these skills and media to tell the Stories...

   Luckily, ideas come faster than I can keep up, and my wish list keeps getting longer.  So, keep an eye out for what new mischief I'm cooking up! 


Handcrafted Textile Goods Art

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