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Wings unfurled to display their full reach, armor, and royal insignia, and long tail lashing, this Fleur-de-Lis Dragon rears up to show its power and readiness to jump into action.

Sewn with bright, gold-hued thread on  handwoven vintage Agate motif by Greentree Weaving, with a deep burgandy thrifted corduroy backing, there are two layers of recycled blue jean inside for extra protection for hands and tables.  This sturdy potholder measures apporximately 7" wide x 9".

Rampant Royal Dragon POTHOLDER

  • As the material is 100% preshrunk cotton, laundering is easy, should it become necessary. Machine wash warm and line or tumble dry gentle.


  • *Please keep in mind that colors vary in appearance on different screens and devices.

    These products are lovingly handmade by me, Sabine MacWaters. I take their functionality and durability to heart and have every intention that they retain their structural integrity for many years of service to you. If you discover, at any time, a problem with your beautiful piece , please give me the opportunity to assist you with remedying the question. Thank you for your trust in my craftsmanship!


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