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Quilting-style patchwork of the beautiful motif Lavender Fields, hand woven by Greentree Weaving, gives this sweet purse a lot of visual  interest!  With a lining and full interior divider of a coordinating purple floral calico, functionality is stepped up!  

The buttons have a story all their own:  my original choice turned out to be antique, gilded buttons of very high value.  Isn't it fortunate that I had such beauties to replace them with?  The exterior button is a lovely XL hand-enameled coconut shell button, and the interior one, of similar tone, is hand carved bone from Nepal!

This purse measures 8" by 8", with 66" of strap, deisigned to be knotted to custom length (or I can shorten if for you at no charge if you request it at the time of pruchase).

Lavender Fields MEDIUM Purse