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   The theme  of this pillow is near to my heart:  the famous three sisters of gardening.  Corn, Beans, and Squash support each other in growing strong and healthy, sharing their resources.  

   This pillow, made primarily with handwoven cloth by Greentree Weaving, features a variety of versions of Day Sky motif for its background. Upon this grows a stalk of corn, made of silk.  There is actually an ear of corn behind the silk (made of silk threads).  Bean and squash vines, with leaves of Canopy and New Leaf motifs, climb to the sun along it.  A few representatives of the many pollinators and protectors are represented:  a sparrow flying in, a yellow butterfly (Sunflower motif), a bee in the squash blossom (Sunflower motif), a praying mantis.  Bean blossoms of Orchard motif, beans of New Leaf, and pumpkins of Autumn Leaves motif complete the trio of leaf, blossom, and fruit for each plant.   Free-hand machine embroidery supplies many details.

   Measuring 13" wide by 20" tall, this pillow has repurposed shirt fabric backing the handwoven to support it.  Though this inside the pillow, this is a fun secret place to see my art.  The back of the pillow is made of the leg of a pair of dark olive green thrifted coduroy slacks.  Corner tabs and velcro keep the inner cushion inside, but make it easy to emove, should laundering be necessary. 

3 Sisters Pillow

  • As the material is 100% preshrunk, laundering is easy, should it become necessary.  Remove the inner cushion and turn the cover inside out.  Machine wash warm and tumble dry on gentle, or line dry.  The inner cushion can be laundered this way as well, though thorough drying is very important.

  • These products are lovingly handmade by me, Sabine MacWaters. I take their functionality and durability to heart and have every intention that they retain their structural integrity for many years of service to you. (The Pillow top is a little more delicate than your ordinary cushion, so please, no pillow fights!)  If you discover, at any time, a problem with your beautiful piece , please give me the opportunity to assist you with remedying the question. Thank you for your trust in my craftsmanship!

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