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   On a ground of handwoven Blue Peacock motif ty Greentree Weaving, and lined with a gold-edged swirling echo, from the sea floor to the clouds above, an evocation of the magic the seaside holds for me, including, stitched into it with love, a memory of my beloved parents-in-law.  Dolphins frolick in the waves at the surface, and coral of many sorts populate the sandy bottoms, and so many lives inhabit all the cosmos between:  seahorse and crab amongst the seaweeds, sea urchin and mermaid's purse (look: there's even a baby shark inside),  living mollusks in their magnificent shells and so many fishes...  May the riches and the rhythms never run out.

   This Table Runner measures a generous 9 1/4" by 63 1/2" long

"Seaside Tribute" Table Runner