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Lavender Fields, with so many hues of violet and touches of green folliage peeking through, is captured so vividly in this motif hand woven by Greentree Weaving.

** My new artistic effort: hand embroidery!  Lavender sprigs embellish the top and front of the piece, adding a dimension of unique, love-imbued charm to this one-of-a-kind purse.

** The finishing touch is a button from my personal collection: very old hand carved shell, alight with echoing purples.  Its thickness tells of oceans that no longer exist, and the gentle wear at the top edge shows many years of use on a prior garment before it found its way into my button box.

This purse has three interior pockets, sized for cell phone and glasses, and measures 7 1/2" wide by 9", with a 55" strap.


Color: purple
  • As the material is 100% preshrunk cotton, laundering is easy, should it become necessary. Make sure every pocket is empty, of course. Turn inside out. Tie the strap into a large knot to minimize tangling. Wash warm and line or tumble dry gentle.


  • *Please keep in mind that colors vary in appearance on different screens and devices.

    These products are lovingly handmade by me, Sabine MacWaters. I take their functionality and durability to heart and have every intention that they retain their structural integrity for many years of service to you. If you discover, at any time, a problem with your beautiful piece , please give me the opportunity to assist you with remedying the question. Thank you for your trust in my craftsmanship!

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