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The currents and winds of the sky are the environment of many a magnificent bird, riding the invisible waves. The movements and shapes of clouds allow us to glimpse this world, guess at its complexity. the dance of the birds brings it to life still further.  The occasional gift of a magical feather lets us touch this majesty and dream...

The rich colors of the Kestrel, smallest of the American falcons, are evoked by this motif hand woven by Greentree Weaving, and echoed by the rich brown thrifted corduroy of this potholder.  In addition, two more cotton layers, of repurposed blue jean, are sandwiched in between to add sturdy protection for your hands and table:  use it as a trivet, too!  Measures approx. 8" wide x 9".

"Gifts of the Wind" Kestrel Potholder