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The irregularities of the dying method used for these real Indigo yarns adds a sparkle and glimmer to this rich, vintage motif, with a base of many hues of navy blue, of jacket-weight fabric hand woven by Greentree Weaving.  Built entirely of the blue portions of the motif, the perfect lining is also a variegated blue printed with darker swallows!  The large, vintage, irridescent, carved mother-of-pearl button brings just the right highlight of color to the composition.  Just the size you need for you necessaries, it measures 6 1/2" wide by 8" tall, with 73" of strap to allow for many different syles of wear (length can by shortened upon request at the time of purchase).  *Please keep in mind that colors vary in appearance on different screens and devices.

Barn Swallow SMALL Purse

Color: blue