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   With a scarlet Cardinal motif background, handwoven by Greentree Weaving, the magnificent Harris Hawk named Zeus, cared for by Flight of The Raptor**, is memorialized here in gratitude for his long career as an educator of both people and other birds.  Several fabulous photographs of Zeus in flight, so powerful and graceful like a dancer, sun shining through his feathers, inspired me to try to capture his essence, his spirit soaring amongst the clouds.

   Rich brown thrifted corduroy and two layers of repurposed blue jean make this a sturdy, protective potholder, easy to launder and beautiful.  It measures 7 1/2" x 7 3/4".

   ** All profits from the sale of this pothloder will go to Flight of the Raptor, to help them with the upkeep of the magnificent birds they rehabilitate and the educational programs they bring to so many.**